Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Week 5 Retrospective

I'm becoming a serial procrastinator - its almost end of week 6 and I just got around to doing week 5 retro.  But I'm still doing it, so I get brownie points anyway.  I haven't been slacking, just having too much fun over the long weekend.  Well, on with it now.

At the last retro I said that I would include some upper body exercises in my workouts.  This did happen, once.  I did some machines and weights at the gym for the arms, back and chest.  I also said that I would keep the exercise records in one place, and I did.  They are all in Evernote.  And, finally, I was going to keep up with my exercises, and I also did that, having done the full routine four times last week.  So, I'm three for three on the action items!  Good for me.  I will be having a gluten-free cookie later to celebrate.

For week 5 retro I decided to come back to the simplest format of went well/could be better (read: I didn't have time to think of something more exciting).  So, here it is:

Went well

  • Good news at the follow up with Dr. Zarnett
  • Doing all exercises
  • Doing an upper body workout
  • Can walk a lot more
  • Flexion and range of motion improving
  • Don't get as tired anymore
  • Housework is under control
  • Part of stitch came out
  • Going to bed/getting up early
  • Stretching/breathing exercises in the morning

Could be better

  • Still have inflamation on the incision
  • Scar is itchy sometimes
  • Can't wear skinny jeans
  • Don't have enough time/energy to get big chores done
  • Not doing enough cardio
  • Procrastinating on retros

Action items

  • Plan to get 1-2 big items done during the week
  • Do eliptical/bike for cardio
  • Do next retro on time

Because today is already Wednesday of week 6, I think there is a good chance that I will procrastinate on this week's retro as well.  To mitigate that I've decided to do a different retro at the end of the week: instead of going over the past 7 days I will be reviewing the whole time period since I had the surgery.  I will also do that in a different format to make things more interesting and dig deeper.  
Before then I'll write another post on my progress, the exercises I've been doing, and the latest improvements.
That's it for this retro, a great rest of the week to all, and ciao.


  1. 1. Better late than never! Unaccomplished plans leave uneasy feeling, while those accomplished, even with huge delay, bring inner peace.
    2. BTW, I keep my gym exercise records in my phone. Easy and convenient, although I look like a retard texting his friends after every set ;)
    3. Scar is itchy sometimes - that is a very good sign for me. I am always happy when my wounds are itchy. It means they are healing.
    4. Can't wear skinny jeans - but you can wear skirts and dresses. Mmmm
    5. I don't have enough time/energy to get big chores done either.
    6. I have been procrastinating with my Eastern trip report for more than half a year!

    You are doing great!

    1. Absolutely agreed about accomplishments. Its important to go through with things you set your mind to.
      I make records in Evernote on my phone as well, it then syncs everything to other devices.
      Thanks for the encouragement!