Friday, May 2, 2014

End of week 3 roundup (aka Day 22)

Its hard to believe that its been three weeks since surgery.  I feel a bit bipolar - it seems like a very long time ago, but at the same time also like yesterday.  Maybe all significant and drug-filled experiences in life feel this way.  I'm not sure.

This week has gone by very quickly - faster then the first two.  I suppose part of it is getting used to the rehab routine - because that's what it is: a routine that I will have to diligently stick to for a while.  I also went back to the office (I worked from home for part of the first, and all of the second week).  I didn't miss sitting in traffic, but its great to be back at work with all my awesome coworkers who are all very attentive and supportive.  The rest of my day is quickly eaten up by exercises and the minimum amount of regular home stuff, so the days are literally flying by.

Nevertheless, I did reach some important milestones this week:

  • Went back to work on Monday
  • Back behind the wheel since Tuesday
  • Flexion is at 130 degrees, straightening is at 2 degrees (both ahead of schedule)
  • Walking without limp for short distances

I had two physio sessions this week, 30 min each.  The latest exercises that I've been doing since the beginning of the week are:

  • Toe raises on one foot, balancing on one leg (continued)
  • Step downs on one leg
  • Squats against the wall, with the exercise ball
  • Hamstring curls with theraband, lying down
  • Glute exercises lying down - with knee bent, with straight leg
  • Abductions, adductions, back and forward swings with ankle weights
  • Biking with a bit of resistance
  • Walking forwards and backwards
I can't really do all of these in one day any more, so I spread them out.  I took it easy on a some occasions, doing only the very basic ones - its been pretty exhausting to get back to work, drive, and increase the exercise load all at the same time.

I feel frustrated to be getting so tired after a bit of walking and some housework, but there is progress in the department of Muscles and Tendons.  I no longer have to think about my quads before they decide to be kind enough to do their work (I'm guessing that would be "quad lag disappeared" in doctorspeak).  I decided to ignore the stiffness I feel in the morning and just walk through it - it works to some extent.  I feel more confident and stable when walking.  Exercises help significantly - there is very tangible improvement the next day.

There has been a little unpleasant snag this week.  A small part of the long patellar incision, which looked like it was healing very nicely, all of a sudden became irritated and slightly infected.  I noticed it a couple of days ago, and (excuse the gory details) squeezed some liquid out of it, cleaned and covered it up with a band aid.  There was no bad smell or heat which is apparently when you know things are really going sideways, and I'll cautiously say that it seems to be getting better now.  But it did give me an unpleasant pause since one of my biggest fears going into surgery was getting an infection.

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