Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 4 Retrospective

Last week I said I would get better organized so I don't get so tired by end of day, and keep up the exercises.  I got a good head start in the beginning of the week by cleaning up and getting some food ready for the week with my mom's help.  During the week I did a little housework every day to keep my place clean and to make sure I have enough healthy food.  I went to the gym to work out, where I used the cable machine to do the leg exercises and biked for a bit of cardio.  And so I'm 2 for 2 on my action items from the third week! Yey, me.

For week 4 retro I decided to change it up a little.  Doing retros the same way every time gets boring quickly, and there is a danger of going through the motions without thinking about the substance.  So, instead of the previous "Went well - Could be better" format, this time around I thought about what made me glad, sad, or mad. Not like dishes throwing mad, more like "argh, wtf" mad.  I'm also going to add "thankful for" category.  I know, I know, I'm sounding life-coachy again, but it does make things more fun, I swear!

Glad :)

  • Can walk longer distances
  • Can bike longer
  • Don't get as tired
  • Exercises getting easier
  • Leg muscle showing
  • Stretching and breathing exercises in the morning
  • Its getting warmer outside!
  • Might be able to bike outdoors soon
  • Moved up follow up with Dr. Zarnett

Sad :(

  • Incision not fully healed
  • Can't go swimming yet
  • This blog has no comments
  • More pain elsewhere
  • Not doing any upper body exercises
  • Exercise records aren't organized

Mad (grrr)

  • Leg cramps
  • Stitch coming out (yuk)
  • Housework is tiresome and boring
  • Traffic still sucks


  • My parents!
  • My friends who call/write to ask how I'm doing
  • Coworkers are very supportive

Action Items:

  • Do some stretching every morning
  • Start doing upper body workouts
  • Keep exercises records in one place
Overall, my progress is still good - my flexion is getting close to the pre-op levels, I can feel increasing strength in the leg, going up and down stairs is becoming easier, etc.  The only hiccup is the part of the incision that seems to be "spitting" a stitch that my body seems to have refused to let dissolve.  Its pretty painful, not to mention unpleasant, and its not letting the incision to heal properly. I'm told this is a relatively regular occurrence, but I moved up my follow up with the surgeon to get it checked out.  


  1. Comment, comment!
    I like!
    Get better!

  2. Keep it up Masha! Glad to see you are making progress. Be well!

  3. Every minute of every day is a minute closer to normality and you're already ahead of the game.