Sunday, May 4, 2014

Week 3 Retrospective

I seem to have run into one of the classical retrospective problems: my action items aren't getting done despite being clear and fairly manageable.  I was thinking a lot about my long term goals this week, but the dog ate my homework I never actually defined them.  I think partially I'm ok with not having longer term goals set in stone for now, because I feel that I am on track or even ahead of schedule.  I also get lots of feedback about my progress at physio every week.  However, I'm guessing it will become more of a problem later on when I have fewer sessions, and will need to keep track on my own.  I will drop this action item for now and will revisit it later.
I did concentrate on stretching more, which was the second action item.  So I'm one for two on action items again this week.  With that said, here's week 3 retro:

Went well:

  • Almost no limp
  • Doing exercises every day
  • Back to work
  • Driving is ok
  • More range of motion
  • Muscles coming back
  • Lots of feedback from physio
  • Flexion is ahead of schedule

Could be better:

  • Traffic sucks
  • Small infection/irritation
  • Getting tired quickly

Action Items:

  • Get better organized so I don't get so tired by end of day
  • Keep up the exercises
This week I was getting swamped with chores at home.  I kinda like home made food, and I don't like living in a pigsty, so at least a minimal amount of food shopping, cooking and cleaning has to be done to make that happen.  My mom helped me with cooking on Saturday, so food is covered for a little while.  Also, next week I will try to organize things a bit better (like getting my lunches ready the night before, packing my gym stuff ahead of time, sweeping and dusting a bit during the week).  

Nothing to say goodbye to this week, even the limp is still with me if I walk long enough.  But I'd like to welcome back my super-cool Donjoy brace which I now wear to do squats and some other exercises.  It accompanied me on a walk on some uneven terrain today, and it reminds me that I will soon be able to do light hiking, and I will one day ski again.  
Don't we look good together?

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