Friday, May 16, 2014

2nd Post-Op Follow up (4.5 weeks)

I had another follow up with Dr. Zarnett on Wednesday, and he told me that everything is going really well.  Rather counter-intuitively, this means that I should be at the gym at least four times a week, doing a ton of new exercises.  I'm planning to have killer glutes by the end of this process.
The inflammation in the scar is spitting a stitch knot that didn't dissolve.  The doctor said its pretty normal, and will clear up by itself eventually.  No special treatment needed.  For now that thing still looks medieval, not to mention that it is preventing me from taking scar-selfies that would show off how well the incision is healing.  It was very painful in the beginning of the week as the abscess was growing, then it opened up relieving the pressure a bit, and now its just annoying that it won't heal completely.  I think its trying to get me to sponsor Polysporin and bandaids manufacturers.  

Overall, it was an uneventful follow up that could otherwise be described as "no news is good news".  The next follow up is in a month. 

I suppose it gets a bit boring if all I talk about here is how well things are going, but I honestly don't have any bad news.  Except for traffic: it always drives me insane.

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