Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week 2 Retrospective

At the beginning of each retro its good to review the actions from next week.  Lets see how I did on the two from last week.
  1. Define longer term milestones - I was too lazy to do the research that this required, so it rolls over to next week because I still think its important to have these goals.
  2. Start keeping track of exercises - I did start recording the sets and reps in a spreadsheet, so I'm gonna count this one as done.  
So, I'm 1 for 2 for the first week's commitments.  Now, lets see what went well and what wasn't as great during week 2 after the surgery.

Went well:

  • No more splint
  • Finished pills
  • Doc says all is going well
  • Can walk without crutches or splint (sort of)
  • I'm back home
  • Doing exercises every day
  • Keeping records of exercises
  • Working from home

Could be better:

  • Didn't define long term goals
  • Walking is painful
  • Different muscles are hurting all over
  • Not stretching enough
  • Hard to walk without a limp
  • Haven't gone to work yet

Action Items:

  • Define longer term milestones
  • Dedicate more time to stretching

Hm... Looks like last week a lot revolved around exercises and walking.  In fact walking has been  on my mind a lot, so I am going to do a whole post just about that next.

Besides starting to walk, last week was a time to say goodbye.  They were very useful to me for a while, but finally this threesome had to go, and lets hope I'll never need them again:

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