Sunday, April 20, 2014

Post-Op Day 9

Highlight of the day: I walked 1 km.
It kinda just happened - I went outside to get a little fresh air, and just kept moving.  I used the crutches a couple of times for a few minutes to give the leg a break.  The walk was tiring and enjoyable, and it wasn't painful.
Aside from the fun in the sun, I've been a little lazy all long weekend, and didn't do the full load of the latest exercises:

  • Weight transfers - standing on both feet without the splint put more weight on the operative leg (working towards 100%)
  • Heel raises
  • Hip swings (backwards, inside, outside)
  • Quad sets and leg lifts with ems

I keep working on the range of motion - I think I've moved further, but will have to wait until tomorrow to get the updated stats at physio.  I've also been doing more stretching since I realized that my previously hyper-extended knee no longer extends fully.

There is a lot less pain when I'm lying down or sitting - most of the time I'm more or less comfortable.  At night I no longer elevate the leg, and can sleep a whole 5-6 hours before the knee gets stiff and I have to wake up to ice it.  Today I napped on the side for a whole 45 minutes - oh, such heaven!

A few days ago the shinbone area developed a huge bruise.
I was surprised I didn't have it right after surgery, but apparently its normal for some bruising to develop when there is more movement.  I know it looks like someone battered me, but its not actually painful. The incisions are healing well.

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